Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Many is Too Many?

I feel at times, I have a real problem.I cannot stand to have just one of anything. In this case it is bath towels. This is only a  few of my bath towels,however, I don't usually buy them new. Many times I will pick up nice bright colored towels at various Consignment stores or Goodwill stores,if I find them cheap enough. I know how expensive they are when purchased new, so I try to refrain from caving, when I see a new color that I'd love to add to my collection.. I haven't done any shopping in these types of places, lately though.I have had so much else on my mind, shopping just doesn't take precedence in my life, at this point in time.


  1. Life became much easier when I decided I'd only own solid coloured towels. No prints, no patterns.

    Towels when you get fed up of them can be sent out to the garage with the husband to sue on the cars or donated to the animal shelter.

    A good addiction

  2. I'm amazed you can find usable towels at the thrift stores. I like your colorful collection. :)

  3. As long as I only have one husband, I figure i can spread the love and have collections of stuff!!!
    I love the towel collection! I have tried to stick to light colored solids, just cause they bleach the best!

  4. Wow! You’ve already collected a lot of bath towels. What makes me more amazed is that they are very colorful. All our bath towels are white. It’s pretty cool that you bought them at a very cheap price. Nice collection! ->Yon Vann