Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sometimes,life gets in the way.

Each new day seems to bring to the forefront, things that need immediate attention, so blogging must take the back seat.Summer has come and gone and the chore list still seems endless.We have sewed the grass on the newly cleared ground. We have hired some of the local Amish to help us pick up the rock and sticks, left over from the bulldozer work that has been done. We put in a good six hour day getting it all picked up, but it was worth it, even though it was hard work. I had a good meal prepared before the help arrived,all but the cornbread and a cake. So I was able to help with the picking up of the rocks and sticks.Rhonda, my oldest step daughter came to do what she could, but since she does not do good walking in the fields too well, she finished up the bread and the cake, leaving me free to help the workers.Rhonda had Cerebral Palsy as a child and has had trouble with her walking ever since.
The grass has grown and the field looks great.The pond we dug still holds some water,but we've not had enough rain to fill it completely, if indeed it holds at all, this time. There is enough water in it for now, to satisfy the wildlife. That was our main reason for digging the pond. We both love to watch the deer,etc.The grandchildren love spending time roaming the newly developed property,with several paths in and around the woods that Pop has cleared for us all to use.The entire project is shaping up nicely, but we still have a lot more to do. We are in no rush to get it done though. It is simply a nice project to get us all out in the fresh air whenever the weather is fitting.It's a good source of exercise for us all.

We worked on an area this past week that is now our pet cemetery.We did some clearing of the undergrowth, and hope to get it in shape shortly.We have two of our favorite dogs buried there and most likely will have others as time goes by. I plan to plant some flowers there,put grave markers, and possibly a huge rock for a seat. It is in a spot close enough to the house that I can see it from my kitchen window, so I want it to be pretty.We still have some cedar laps lying in the field, which is an eye sore now, but we are gradually getting them cleaned up and sold.When they are cleared away, the view will be much nicer, but Rome wasn't built in a day. We will get there someday, with the Lord's help.He has helped us to achieve a lot this past 35 years, so I'm sure he will continue to bless us.

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