Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have You Had A Nap Today?

No, I'm not talking about my 5 year old grandson.He gets really grumpy with out his nap, but I speaking of myself.It was my day to spend with Mom and we had a special treat today. My older sister,Mary(Nails in My Pocket)spent a portion of the day with us. We had a great time. We only hit one consignment store. Mom tires so easy. Then we stopped for lunch at McDonald's, then on to do our shopping at WalMart. It was a great day. Mom is going to be featured in a video for a Valentine's Day function at her church. They are having the meal catered for the evening of family fellowship. We were planning for that day. Several of the daughters, and hopefully a couple of nieces plan to attend with Mom. She is so excited. Most of us girls have attended various functions with Mom, over the years, with her church, so they know most of us girls even though it is not our church. They always treat us as if it were.
When we returned from shopping, Mary went on home. It was around 1:00, but Mom rushed in and set out my cot. We always take a nap on our day together. I started doing that a few years ago. Mom doesn't sleep well at night,so I felt she needed the nap, although I'm usually ready for one myself.But lately our nap has ended up being 2 hours long instead of our usual 1 hour. You can probably guess what's happening at my house. I am up till 1:00 in the morning, wide awake. Today I picked up a couple of new quilting tools, and I am enjoying using them tremendously. I don't want to stop, and it's 1:00 already, plus I have the grandkids tomorrow. I will need that nap then, for sure.I have posted a picture of my new tools and a small quilt I have been working on. I have said it before, I am not a quilter, but I could learn to like it much better, if I wasn't too tight to purchase a few tools to make things flow better.Just these new tools alone may help encourage me to do a little more quilting.I think I am winding down from my nap, so till my next entry,Happy Blogging. Good Night All!


  1. Sue, your quilt looks like it is coming together good ,I really like scrap quilt, and you pattern kind of put me in mind of a rail fence pattern. It sound like you had a good day with your mom and sis. Where does you mom go to church? The grand kids was here today and two of them stay last night. We didn't get to work on the quilt because I had got a new game and we play it last night and after dinner today. Maybe the next time they are here we will get some sewing done on their quilt.Hope you had fun with your grand kids today. I don't take nap because when the baby is taking his nap I can get more done.Kept up the piecing on your quilt. HAPPY SEWING!

  2. Thanks for all the nice comments, Connie. Mom goes to Clarkson Baptist. I know most of her age group and their number is dwindling fast.I ran into 2 of her Sunday School classmates in WalMart yesterday. I am almost as bad as Mom about them. I have spent so much time with their group. They feel like family to me, too.Leah used my new rotary cutting tool today just messing more or less trying to cut me some more squares for my quilt. I let her practice, but they were a little small for my present quilt. I'm thinking about binding it off as it is now anyway. It's a nice size for a baby quilt. I need to see quick results,you know,but on the other hand, I like it so well, I may continue on with it for a full bed topper.I never have a real plan. John didn't get to come today. I think they were acting up, so the parents decided to separate them on their day with me.They antagonize each other so much when they are together.I prefer to get them one at a time, but I feel so sorry for the one who gets left behind. They know how to play on my sympathy in cases like that, and it usually works.But I didn't fold today. He will get his night and day Monday night and half day Tuesday. He only goes to school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.Leah and I did a little painting of the walls in the basement today. Her Mom stayed about 2 hours talking to Pop tonight, when she came to get Leah, so I figure Leah crashed, as quick as her bath was done tonight. She had to be really tired.Good to chat with you again. Till Later. Sue