Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Our Next Holiday?

What's our next holiday? I hear that question a lot from my grand daughter. She loves to decorate. When we were taking down the Christmas decorations, she is asking me that very question.I guess she gets that from me. I use to decorate the school cafeteria where I worked for 27 years,for every holiday. I have boxes of decorations that I've used over the years, stored away, but when it comes time to decorate for any specific holiday, it is more trouble to locate them, then it is to make new ones. I guess the smart thing to do would be to label and organize them or else sell them at a yard sale for someone who doesn't do crafts, to enjoy next year.Then when I end up making new ones, I don't have to worry about the past years decorations accumulating "out in the shed".I now have two sheds for storing such as this. I could probably use a third shed, but I dare not ask.

I am feeling much better from my "cold" or whatever it was. I feel more like blogging today, than I have in weeks. The weather warmed up and I got outside (a little)and I think the fresh air helped me as much as anything,although I did try the saline solution up my nose.Thanks Connie.I think the echinasea helps,too.Hopefully, I will be back to crafting and blogging full force real soon.

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  1. Glad your feeling better, fresh air does the body good! I going to work a tablesrunner for valentine and do the tree in the little roon for valentine. ( MAYBE) HAPPY CRAFTING!