Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the Mend

Mom and I are both on the mend from our colds or whatever it was we had. I had it for 2-3 weeks. Mom had it about a week so far, but she is adamant about taking her medication to the letter. She is that way with her vitamins and supplements of all kinds, and her prescription meds. I guess that is why she stays as healthy as she does at soon to be 84 years of age this month. I love to study nutrition and natural healing, but I don't practice what I preach that close.Pop has it now, too. I have been working with him a little so as not to let his cold get quite a hold on him as it did me. I took Mom home today. I think she was getting a bit bored. I've posted a couple of things we worked on, and the hair cut I gave her while she was here. She stayed as busy as she could helping me tidy up every minute and working on crafts with me, but it just isn't the same when you can't be in your own home, and I understand that. I hate being away from my "stuff" for very long at a time. I can carry some things with me to fight off boredom, but it still isn't the same.I think she was well enough to go home, and her water had thawed out after a day or two of being froze up. All seems well at her home. No bursted pipes that we're aware of,anyway.Today was suppose to be the last really cold and snowy day for awhile. The weather folks say it will be up in the 30's and 40's for the next several days, so she can handle that.She is tough as a pine knot in so many ways.She appreciates it, but she's not much for imposing on others.She's always said she wants to depend on us, but not be dependant on us.Hopefully I can get back on track here shortly. I must say, I have a lot more energy since I am feeling better. I will be back crafting full force any day.Happy blogging everyone!


  1. hi sue ,good to see you are getting back in the groove of things and glad your mother is getting better. Take care, until later, Connie

  2. There is sometime my kids need alot of my attention, but they do play good together and that help me about getting my work or sewing done , I do take time and play with them and we do thing together and that is good, the girls like to be in the sewing room doing thing with my scrappy fabric and Jesse and josie they like to be with pappy. Now the two little one like to play and be play with, and it can be a busy time. I am so glad that I'm able to take care of my grandkids, that what family is about, I thank God everyday that I can do this for them. Well this is all for now it is so good to comment to one another. Connie

  3. Glad your feeling better and your Mom too, feeling sick is not fun.
    Have a good weekend