Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Further Down the Road...

I'm not quite finished with my little quilt, but I am a little further down the road with it. I am in the process of trying to quilt it now. I have always tacked my quilts, but thought I would attempt quilting this one. Wish me luck. I am truly struggling with it.I'm thinking about using it as a wall hanging when I am finished. It is so nice to look around the room and see things that I have made. I don't think Pop appreciates my work that much, at least he doesn't let on. I guess that comes with growing up with your grandparents. You just assume every woman can do the things your grandmother did, but it does give me a sense of pride to see my works displayed. I guess that counts for something.


  1. Thanks, Diane! I got a job repairing a family quilt right after I posted my little quilt. Someone must have been impressed.

  2. Sue, you have done a wonderful job on and it would be a pretty wall quilt or on the back of a chair, what ever you do with it, it is something that you made and be very proud of. HAPPY QUILTING!