Friday, December 23, 2011

33 years today

Look what I found awaiting me on my return home from spending time with Mom today.

I have been a bit sick with the "bug" that's making it's way around the family, so we had decided we wouldn't do anything special for our anniversary today. At least that was the plan when I left to take Mom home.

 We had a Christmas meal of sorts yesterday evening,with several family members attending, so I had gone to get Mom to come and be with us(and help me since I was poorly).Pop had made the plan, before I realized I had the bug. I only hope I didn't pass the "bug" on the them.We were up early, although that is normal for Mom,and by early, I mean 1-2:00 am.She took her pain meds and ate a snack,we talked awhile, then we went to the living room where it was more comfortable, and fell asleep again.Thank Heavens for that, because with me being sick on top of having no sleep, I was feeling pretty rough.We both,took our regular regimen of supplements and started cooking for the big meal.You'd have thought we were feeding Fort Knox.I have never seen so much food for 8 people, but I wanted to have a nice meal, since I don't get to entertain that much anymore.

The meal went really well,even though I could not taste a thing. I wasn't even sure the food would be fit to eat,since everything I sampled tasted alike.Everyone bragged on the meal being really good, but what else did I expect them to say. They were to polite to have said anything else. I packed up several small containers of the left overs to send home with Mom, and we ate some of them when we were ready for lunch, and it all tasted fine, so I guess it was my taste buds that were messed up by the "bug".That was a relief to know it all tasted as I had planned.I was really nervous about even serving the meal to company since it all tasted the same to me while I was preparing it.I hated to call the meal off,after Pop had planned it, and was so excited about having them all over. It's never a good idea to cook for company while you're sick, but in this case, all went well,and everyone seemed to enjoy their evening.Hopefully, I'll be over this "bug"by Christmas day, but then some of the other family members may have it by then. Carmen and Leah have it now,too. Rhonda just got over it.It's been rough for a few days, but I guess we'll all get through it.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Happy Anniversary !! You have a sweet hubby there. Hope your both feeling better real soon.