Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks for the Wonderful Accolades.

Vicki, the Thanks go to you for the wonderful piece you posted regarding our frugal and talented family.I have never been able to figure out why our family is as it is in that respect. We have many problems in our lineage, but we have lots of talented individuals in so many different fields,too.Our family could never afford all the expensive education as some families experienced, but we were talented and gifted beyond belief in so many other ways.We have all been a hard working bunch, and I know Mom gets a lot of credit for pushing us the way she did, although at times we felt she pushed too much, too hard, and too long. I think to this day, that is why I detest laziness. We were never allowed to be lazy.We had to be doing something beneficial, every minute of the day.At least, it seemed that way at the time. Many times, I think Mom had such a harsh upbringing, that she felt we deserved no better.Not the typical way of thinking, but that's the way it seemed to me as a child.It seemed as though she lived by the philosophy,"Don't make the road ahead easier for your children,but instead, prepare them for the rough road ahead."I know that is a good philosophy, but how did she know just how rough the road would be? She was evidently preparing us for a hell of a rough road ahead.And I guess that is why we are all the tough, strong,and hard working individuals that we are today.

Being a hardworking farm family meant there was never enough money at the end of the month.Dad did operate a bulldozer for many years, and made a wonderful name for himself doing so,all over the county.A name that makes me proud to say "That was my Daddy". He was a well known and respected figure in his lifetime. I hear he was a rowdy youngster, and did some things that were not exactly up to par, in the eyes of many, in his youth,(and possibly in his older years,too) but who hasn't.He made a decent living for his family and seen to it that we always had a home that was our own.That was worth a lot. In my lifetime, I have seen many families who had to move from pillar to post to keep a roof over their heads,because the landlords kicked them out for non payment of rent.That never ever happened to our family.We may have had a leaky roof at times, and no indoor plumbing, or water, but we were warm and well fed the entire time.Sometimes I think living as we did, is part of what made us stronger. We were not lavished with everything we ever wanted.Children nowadays don't know when a holiday arrives. They have been allowed any and everything they could possibly want, by their parents.Young parents of this generation never had it rough, so they have no concept themselves, as to the damage they are doing to their offspring.It is my opinion that a constant supply of unnecessary material things,lavished upon a child,does not help them to become a well adjusted,solid,dependable,and desirable person for the trials they will face in the future.

I have received so many kind words in my life time for the fact that I am a hard worker and a desirable help mate for any life partner. I have heard the same words used in regards to my siblings.Those are wonderful words to hear, but sad that folks feel the need to express that to you.So many people have been through multiple marriages,etc., only to find, their partner has no knowledge of how to function in a grown up life situation. They were never taught the basics of a human existence and how they were to function and interact with a helpmate, in their grown up lives.There were some aspects of our raising that were not the most accepted and approved way of dealing with problems,but we survived and are an extra strong bunch of people for it.I hope, that we, as grown ups today, can only analyze our upbringing and learn from the mistakes of our parents,in order to mold our children into individuals,as well prepared, if not more so,for their future.Raising a child or a family is a hard job, and there are no manuals.Some have tried,only to be proven wrong,so we're on our own, to get the job done to the best of our knowledge and abilities.It truly does "take a village to raise a child".A sound,solid and productive child anyway.Not one who will grow up and depend on the government for their entire life.Someone, somewhere is picking up the tab.

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  1. Very well said Sue. I agree that children are given way too much.