Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pop Cooks Christmas Breakfast

I definitely want to mention that Pop cooked our Christmas breakfast and even invited a few neighbors to join us. He is such a ham. He loves to show off his talents whenever possible. He use to cook breakfast quite often, years ago. Mostly when the kids were home, and we had the younger daughter for the weekend.He would cook the whole nine yards when he cooked for them. Biscuits, gravy,eggs, bacon, ham,or sausage. And if we had country ham, he would make Red-Eye Gravy like he made for our Christmas breakfast this year.

His cousin,Rusty, from Steamboat,Colorado,sent us a Country Ham for Christmas this year, so he wanted to show off his talents in the cooking department once more. I think he did that mainly because his daughter was commenting just the night before that her husband is an excellent helpmate when it comes to cooking, but she didn't think I had any help from Dad in that area any more.That really gets to him when folks think he doesn't help me. He takes care of the Man-Chores around the property, but I usually end up working right along side of him,but for some reason, household chores,in his mind, are for women only.He had a decent reputation for keeping the household running smoothly when he was divorced, but once I came into the picture, all of his abilities to do household chores went out the window.But he still likes to tell me HOW to do many things in the house,as if to say I am not doing it right.

He did an excellent job with the Christmas breakfast. I did a little more decorating of the tables while he did his thing with the meal. A couple of neighbors and their grown son came by to share our meal. They had their Christmas the night before,as did we, with the kids, so Christmas day is open and free for us to go and do as we please.Sometimes we have a big meal of our own, but with the kids being grown and married now, we usually go to one of their homes for our big meal.

We had had a nice family meal at our home for several family members a few days before Christmas. I was a little sick with a "bug" of some sort, so I got Mom to come by and help me. I suffered through it, but I sure didn't feel like entertaining company. I kept myself medicated enough to get the meal all prepared and the evening didn't turn out so bad.We had 3 people invited to begin with, but Pop being the party animal he is, he called 2 other couples to join in the meal. Only one of the 2 extra couples came,but still it was a bit much to prepare for that many, with me being sick. We, women are a different breed though. We can get things done somehow, even if we are sick as a dog,and would rather be in bed.

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