Sunday, December 18, 2011

Decorating for Pennies.

 This is my quilt that I have been working on so much lately. I still have a little more to do to it, but I can wait until after the holidays to finish it. I do enjoy looking at it, as my sister,Vicki, said I would. That's why I have placed it in the living room,for now.I already see things I want to do differently with my next quilt, and I may make a few changes on this one, if time allows.I feel I am gradually learning more and more about this quilting thing as I go along.It does truly get in your blood.

 I found this set of Salt and Perrer shakers when Mom and I were spending a couple of days together this week. I couldn't resist buying them.They may have been $1.00 or so. I use a lot of cranberry, so they go good with my other furnishings.
I found these two pillows for $1.00 each. They match my rugs and curtains pretty close.The good thing about them is not only that they were cheap, there were two other pillow covers on the pillows inside. One set was a quilted set of pillow covers which I have washed and will use as a starting point on a new quilt.They are beautiful quilted covers,too.Navy and cranberry.

I have many more things to tell about, but the funeral home calls. Another friend has left us.We will be visiting with family for a few minutes this afternoon, then off to Leah's belated Birthday Party. She turned 11 on the 15th, but she,too, had to attend the funeral of her father's last living Aunt, in Ohio this week.This Christmas will be a sad one for many of our friends and family.Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.


  1. Love your beautiful quilt! It looks so nice hanging there! I am sooo happy for you!

    Take care...V

  2. I love your quilt... the colors are cheerful!