Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Good Day to Bake A Cake

I don't do much baking any more,for several reasons. Pop has sugar, the ingredients are too expensive, and we sure don't need the extra calories. But today, I was craving a good old pound cake. Especially if I could get it to turn out like a dear friend of mine use to make. She has passed on now, many years ago, and I don't remember her recipe, but I thought I'd try one time to cook up something as close to her recipe as I could.

After I made it, I think I remember her using French Vanilla instant pudding in it, which I had forgotten.I do remember that her gas oven cooked much slower than our more modern ovens, so I turned my oven down to 300 degrees.Hers took an entire hour,so I set my timer for 1 hour. I mixed my box of yellow cake mix,2 eggs,8 ounces of cream cheese and about 1/4 stick of butter. That was as close as I could remember.I probably should have used the pudding mix and 1 more egg. I'll try that next time.

I remember her cake having the cream cheese marbled throughout the cake when it was sliced.The cake, when sliced, was nearly as firm as cheese.The icing was a mere powdered sugar and milk glaze.The cake was heavenly. I could eat a whole cake by myself.

My cake was a bit more crumbly than hers, but it did have a bit of marbling throughout. That was from mixing it with a fork instead an electric mixer.That seems to be the key to getting the marbling effect, which I loved.That is what made it so special to me.

I'll not give up on geting it a bit closer to Ma's recipe,even though the cake I made today is delicious. I only hope company drops in to help eat it,although I'm sure I don't really need any help.If my brother,Jr., were close I could share it with him,since it is his birthday today.Happy Birthday, Jr.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I feel it's okay to indulge now and then. :)

  2. Looks yummy Sue, I think I'm ready to try one of those jam cakes!