Monday, December 12, 2011

My Mother's Daughter

It has no rhyme nor reason...just a nice warm and cozy quilt.
You'd have to see some of my mother's quilting to know what I mean.We are not quilters per se' like my sister Vicki, of My Favorite Things, or my Grandmother, who has long since passed on. Now they are what I consider quilters.They don't use a sewing machine for anything,when they quilt. It is all done on their fingers, and it is picture perfect in every aspect of the quilt they are making.That type of quilting is considered a dying art. Nowadays, with all of the modern machines and quilting tools, folks are making some amazingly fabulous quilts,but the time consuming finger work seems to have been lost, for the most part.I'm sure there are still a few die hard quilters left in the world, that choose to quilt the old way, and their works of art are the true jewels,if you are lucky enough to find one and then afford to purchase it.

My Mother and myself, are quilters of a different sort. We make quilts to use up fabric, and to have a nice warm quilt for sleeping or maybe,just snuggling up in front of the TV,or simply for giving as a gift.It's just a nice gesture to give a small child, or anyone for that matter, a quaint or primitive type little quilt to call their own.Quaint or primitive being the optimum word here.Quaint or primitive are, in my opinion, very similar.They are made in an old time fashion. Design and color coordination was never given a thought, for most. Things were made out of necessity.No buying and matching fabric to make an specific pattern.You just used up whatever you had and could spare.

As I get older, I see why and how my Mother has come to love bright colors. I started on this little experimental quilt, with the intention of using up an old blanket(for batting) and lots of my remnants of pretty fabric.That's my way of downsizing or clearing out clutter. My clutter, for the most part,is my supplies for my crafts.We won't mention all the extra dishes, books, and knick-knacks.No let's not go there.That'll be another post for another day.

I started out with the plan to sew one piece at a time, onto this old blanket. I got around 3 sides, and it was shaping up so nicely, I decided it wasn't going together fast enough,so now I am sewing a strip of fabric pieces together,adding a divider strip,then attaching it to the blanket. I felt I needed a divider strip since the blocks were randomly placed and not perfectly aligned.That was mine and Mom's reasoning anyway. It's turning out to be prettier and more appealing to me, than I had ever imagined.  I am enjoying the making of this simple quilt tremendously.I was using up a lavender sheet that I no longer needed,for the strips, and it set the quilt off so well, I did go and purchase a yard of similar fabric to finish the remainder of the quilt.I am so glad that I did. It is turning out wonderfully.I hope to finish it this winter, and if all goes well, I will post more about it later.

I am learning more and more from my quilting adventures and endeavors. It seems I learn a new and better way to do or even not to do something, each time I work on my quilt. Maybe that's how good quilters get to be so good. Practice makes perfect. Maybe, if I keep at it, I can be as good a quilter as my Sister,Vicki,and Grandmother.And as good a quilter as my six year old Grandson,thinks I am.Remember, in one of my post, I had written how John said,"Meemaw,You sure are a good quilter."Yes, John,with a little more practice,hopefully, one day, I will be a good quilter.


  1. The time has come sister dear, to begin saying, "my sister and I are quilters!" It makes no difference why we make them, although for us we may as well say "we cannot NOT make quilts" the gene is there and when it comes to the forefront of our minds we become women driven by this passion we have for piecing bits and pieces of cloth into something beautiful AND useful!

    You often use the words "as good as" when speaking about your quilting gift ~ one of Webster's definitions for good is "something useful or beneficial" and that meaning puts us in the same quilting category! And our passion for quilting is the same also no matter what size piece we are working on!! How blessed we are to have "quilter's blood" running through our veins!

    John is right, "Meemaw, You sure are a good quilter!"

    Love you, Meemaw's sister, Vicki

  2. it seems you've found new ways and designs to pursue what you love through all your years in the practice. There are a few out there like you who can create beautiful stuff from nothing. It's a good thing it runs in the family. This quilt would be lovely to use during those cold days.

    Rocky Delafontaine