Monday, December 26, 2011

Waste Not! Want Not!

Waste Not! Want Not! is a good motto,  anytime of the year.This particular motto comes to my mind every Christmas Season, although it should be practiced daily. I feel if you teach your little ones from the get go, they will carry this motto with them, throughout their lifetime.Of course, there is always the exception to the rule.Those who will not.

So many children are bored to tears when and if they do not have a computer game of some kind in their hands,every minute,or some one tending to their every beck and call. It saddens me to see such children, and I am so sorry to say that my two Grandchildren and growing up to be in this very category. My only prayer is that they grow out of it,and soon.Nothing saddens me more than being around a person who is constantly complaining they are bored,when there is so much to do in this great big glorious world we live in.Most women of my day and age,can tell you that they can see something to do, every minute of every day. It may not always be what you want to do, but we can still see that it is there waiting for someone to do it.Then there are the things we see daily, that we would love to do, if only we had the time.

This particular craft is one of those projects that I love to do when I have time.So many times in a day, I run across some tiny little thing that is really good for nothing at all, but simply too pretty to throw away. I end of putting it in a box somewhere,usually among lots of similar items I have stumbled across in the past. Then one day, when I have a few minutes, I get out my handy dandy glue gun and go to work. I make these tiny arrangements that can be used for different occasions. Christmas time is a wonderful time to use up a lot of these tiny jewels.As you can see here, I have a tiny assortment of items, but stored away in boxes somewhere are thousands of other similar tidbits just waiting to be assembled and used.Making name tags at Christmastime is a good way to move lots of tiny bits and pieces out of the house. I wonder lots of times,after giving a gift, with my special tags on them, if they throw out the tags. That gives me a pain in my stomach to think anyone would toss out something so pretty,but it happens. Not everyone saves everything,like I do,thank goodness,but hopefully, they will pass it on to someone else on a gift or the like.
Wallah! My tag.There are so many variations one could come up with. I love assembling these tags from all the remnants that have fallen to the bottom of the Christmas decoration storage boxes. You know the bits and pieces that have fallen off and end up in the bottom of the box after you have set out all of the decorations for the season.Isn't it great to come up with something so pretty and useful from nothing. Now all I need to do is punch my hole and add a ribbon and my names to the tags and it's on it's way(out of my house).

I ended up giving one little tag,neatly labeled and tied to a red dish cloth, to a childhood friend the other night at the viewing of her Mother, at the funeral home.It was so pretty on the red cloth.Even her husband commented on it. Linda said it was so pretty, she was tempted to wear it as a corsage.That made me feel so good that they liked it.
Today is Monday, the 26th, and I have decided to complete this post that I started last week.

 I spoke to Mom early this morning. She was feeling poorly, so since I felt she had caught the "bug" from me, I felt I needed to go and spend the day with her. I arrived to find she had only slept crooked and was aching more than usual. She puttered around and worked out the kinks, while I busied myself making a few more of the cute little tags to be attached to the dish cloths I had made for her to hand out to her close friends. Mom has always tried to make handmade gifts herself  for her friends, but she is no longer able to do so. Since I had accumulated several of my little dish cloths I had been making, I decided to donate them to her to use as her gifts. We borrowed the neighbor's glue gun, since I had not planned ahead to make the tags.It just happened on the spur of the moment.I managed to complete several and even delivered a few of them for her. It really cheered her up that I had come to spend the day.She seems to get more depressed each day, and we are seeing signs of dementia more and more.We must watch her more closely than usual nowadays, and her neighbors and church friends keep a close watch on her for us,too. Today,when she complained about being such a burden to everyone, I told her it takes a whole community to help care for an aging parent,kinda like it takes a village to raise a child.It makes them feel good, too, to know they are helping watch out for her.One never knows when it might be you, needing help with your parent or loved one.
Happy Holidays to all of my Blogger friends.

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