Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck,

 How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck Wood?

That verse came to my mind as I was thinking of writing about my wood collection. It's no secret. I love wood. I love fabric. I love flowers. I guess you could say my most favorite past times are working with these three things. I never get tired of working with them. I may run short of energy at times and need a little nap most days, but as for loosing interest,it doesn't happen. I wake up many mornings with my blood surging through my veins, ready to tackle an idea that popped into my head while I slept.

My basement  was beginning to get quite crowded with the multiple boxes of my wood collections which I have hidden away. Away from Pop. He burns every morsel of wood for kindling during the winter months. I am crushed when I find him sneaking some of my precious wood pieces and using them to start a fire.That's why I must hide them in every nook and cranny available.

Mom has been having some issues here lately. Dementia or Alzheimer's or something somewhere in between, but nevertheless, we have been keeping her close, until we decide what our next step is going to be. A couple of the daughters take turns about staying at her home,sometimes over night.
depending on what we feel she needs at that time. Some days are much better than others for her.When I can persuade her to come to my home and spend a night, we get involved in different projects, which seems to help,since she has always needed to be busy. That part of her life has not changed,but she cannot find as much to do on her own lately.Partly due to the dementia, and partly due to her failing eyesight. She has lost 75-90 per cent of her vision,but she can still function fairly well,to a point.

On one of her last visits, we gathered up all of the wood pieces we could find in my basement, and boxed them up, and carted them out to one of the little barns. Pop has a shed where he stores one of his tractors and an occasional lawn mower or two.On one wall he had stored some firewood, and there was a vacant shelf overhead.Just the place for my wood pieces.

Now, the few pieces I have kept in the basement will need a new home,so I gathered up a few pieces of pressed wood boards lying around the property and proceeded to make myself a wood storage box.It's a really rough looking box, but,hopefully when I am finished with it, it may not look so bad.I figure the grand children can use it as a table for their painting projects, so it really doesn't matter how it looks.
box under construction

box painted with primer coat
The color of the box is not it's final look. I was trying to use up some old paint that would most likely never be used for anything else.When I am finished, it should look a little better. But then,one can only hope.It will be a nice place to store my boards, and a spacious surface for the kids to use when painting some of their various projects.


  1. Kindred spirit - I love wood, I love to burn it to keep us warm xx

  2. Can't wait to see it finished.
    I'm working on redoing a vanity.