Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Three Sisters

Now don't go,gettin' all upset, girls, thinking, you are the one I left out. The three sisters I speak of is the gardening project I am working on this year. I think it was my sister, Vicki, of My Favorite Things, who sent me an email with a peek at a blog she had stumbled across, telling all about this type of gardening.I hope I am giving the right person credit. Nevertheless, it sounded like something I'd like to try. New ideas in the area of flowers and gardening, catch my attention quickly.It has been a few weeks now since I planted my little row of Three Sisters, to experiment with.So far, they are coming along nicely. I,just this morning, added a little of my home made compost, then weeded and watered them with Miracle Grow.I am so proud of them so far. Now if only they bear like I hope they will, my next crop may be a bit larger.

This is my row of Three Sisters.

A Boo-Boo!

This squash was accidentally planted at the same time as the corn. I planted the corn first,waited until it was six inches tall,then planted the squash and the pole beans. This little squash evidently got planted the same time as the corn.

The tall Hickory King corn provides the pole for the beans to climb. The beans produce nitrogen for the corn and squash, and the squash keeps the weeds in check, beneath the entire group of plants.

Another name for this method is Companion Planting. I have read about it for years, but never tried it until now.

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