Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update on Mom/Bring on the Green Beans

A lot of Mom's Tuesday,0n 6/26, was spent crying. She cries a lot, but we are hearing her sister,Edna, is going through that stage,too. It's hard to see your Mother crying, when you know it is nothing you can fix. We do the best we can to comfort her,but sometimes the requests she makes that would give her relief, are beyond our control.Talking on the phone or visiting with her seems to help. We just try to stay on light topics and keep away from emotional topics.Topics that we know may upset her. When she is busy, it seems the thoughts that make her cry the most, do not come.Keeping her busy, is a challenge.She wants to get any task you give her, done NOW.It's hard to keep enough jobs,things that she is able to do, lined up for her.She needs to feel the job we have her doing is important. Not some trivial job with no purpose. She's too aware, for that, just yet.

My sister,Rita, stayed the night last night with Mom last night.Rita works two days a week at Walmart, then babysits her 3 year old grandson a lot during the rest of the week,but she can come to be with Mom,more easily than myself,being 20 miles out, and my sister Stacey, who works weird days and hours at Walmart, also.Stacey must catch a few z's,during the time Mom is having her most upsetting moments,so which ever of us can go,when Mom calls,will do so. We are so thankful that her Alzheimer's has not progressed to the point,yet, that she can still call us when she feels the need.

I will be getting Mom this morning to work with me on green beans.We plan to work on her flower beds on Thursday. We are narrowing them down as much as possible since she is not able to care for them like she once did.Who knows. Today may be one of her good days.We just never know what to expect on any given day,so we just plan one day at a time.So far,that's working for us.This is all new for us, and we are learning as we go,but we're getting the job done,and are so thankful we are at a point in our lives where we can be there for Mom.


  1. Sue, those green beans look yummy. Are you going to freeze or pressure can?

    Thank goodness your family can be there for your mom. Does she have aide workers come in to help also?

    My thoughts are with you.

    Got the package, can't wait to dig in and create, thanks so much.

  2. We don't grow much of our own veggies anymore. Our Amish friends have such wonderful gardens and it's so handy to just pick up what we need from them.I got 2 half bushels. One Roma and one was Slade. I prefer Roma, but they did not have that many ready so I took some of the others. That will be all the beans I need this year. I have some left from last year. I prefer canned green beans.

    Mom is not that far along yet. Hopefully, we will be able to manage on our own, but one never knows.

    Keep me posted as to whether you were able to use any of the items in the box. I hope you like the rug.You are so welcome.