Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Return of the Horse Drawn Carriage

What could be more peaceful than a ride through the winding back roads on one of these.
It seems more and more folks,in this area, are getting involved with horse drawn buggies and wagons and the like.We are surrounded by the Amish, so the horse drawn buggy is a normal site for us.They pass our house many times during the day. Some coming and some going.Like us, they have chores to attend to which require a trip now and then, to the nearest town for much needed items, then of course, some are going to the main roads to set up their wares for sale each day. You can see them set up at various locations,selling their quilts,handmade baskets,jams,jellies, baked goods,produce,furniture,etc.

As of late, we have been noticing a lot more English folk (non-Amish) coming and going in horse drawn carriages,buggies,wagons,etc.I suppose there are groups that get together with this sort of activity, but since we are not in it, we don't realize just how many folks are using the horsedrawn mode of transportation as their favorite past time. It does seem to be a hobby that would bring more peace and tranquility back to our daily lives.Everything is running at such a fast pace today,there is no real time to sit and relax and just be.  

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  1. Sue you have got that right ,everything is going to fast ,i'm alway in a hurry to get there and in a hurry to get back, I think we need to slow down a little, well let me think about this, maybe, i want get any thing done if i slow down to much.. I got to pick beans now. So have a great Sunday afternoon. Connie