Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Love at 64

I love flowers, and anyone who knows me, knows that,but here lately, I find myself loving roses,more and more. I don't have the best of luck with them, and I think the main reason for that is:I don't give them the attention they need. The newer roses are suppose to be blight resistant and more care free than the older varieties, but even they have their problems.The weather has been a bit cooler lately, and the pests have not been so bad,YET,so I have had a fairly decent rose explosion around my yard. I don't buy that many roses. I usually get starts from other folks, and take my chances on them living.I have pretty good luck with taking cuttings and digging a shallow trench,bury my slip, and cover it well,water it, and lay a flat rock over the site,leaving only a bud exposed,and forget it. If I don't accidentally dig it up during my weeding,it usually develops into a nice new plant.

My neighbor and friend,Connie, from Granny's Sewing Room, did have a rose garden, once upon a time. I haven't visited her yard in awhile, so I'm not sure she still has it. She is so busy sewing and remodeling her home, she may not have time for the roses.She is a busy lady,who also, cares for her six grandchildren on most days.

Nevertheless, I don't have a rose garden per se, but I may need to look into making myself one. Then I will be more able to care for my roses properly.
My Dad loved roses.I have one of his original roses. I think the name on it is Mr. Lincoln. It is the bright red one pictured above. Hopefully, I will work some with my roses later in the season, and fix them a nice home where they will get all the loving care they need. I hope to have more pictures then.

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  1. No i don't have my rose garden now, but i do have several rose bushes and still have one of my mother rose bush. I do like roses and they do take time to care for them, but a rose garden is beautiful.As for as my house work, i have took a break until my grands goes back to school. I have got a little more work in the bathroom and in the voyer or as i call it the bird room. But with time it be all be done if not that is ok to. Take care..