Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Project

This is the right side of my Christmas hot pad.

This is the tentative back side of my Christmas pad.

As Pop was getting ready for his day at the Flea Market, I assembled my project for the day. It's a dreary drizzly day outside,and I truly don't want to work in that bone chilling drizzle. Pop tended the chickens  before he left, so I didn't even need to go out for that.No need to waste time cooking breakfast. Pop eats out on Wednesdays,usually with his oldest daughter, but she had other fish to fry today.As for me, I just grabbed a peanut and wholewheat bread sandwich and a glass of Cranberry Acai juice. Quick and simple, but very nutritious.Now,back to my project.

Back to assembling my project for the day. A pretty piece of Christmas fabric was screaming out,Use Me! Use Me! So that's just what I did. I gathered up two or three paper-thin tea towels to use for my batting. As I have stated before, I hate to waste anything. I laid out the layers. The tea towels for the batting, the pretty piece of Christmas fabric for the face, and a coordinating colored piece for the back.I worked on the pad most of the day, only stopping occasionally to make a pot of Chili,wash a load of clothes and make a few phone calls.Oh,yes.I did wash a few dishes,however,the main part of my day was devoted to my project.I was determined to finish it in one day.Well, as you can see, I got it finished, and it is very usable in it's present state, but I have a tentative plan for the back.I like for everything to have more than one purpose.Especially since the one side is for Christmas.I will need to store it away for another year if I don't make the other side usable for any day of the year.I have these applique letter patterns given to me by my sister,Vicki,of My Favorite Things,approximately 30 years ago. I love them dearly. I thought about appliqueing the words,Good Food,Good Friends,Good Times, but the word Friends and Times were a bit too long to fit properly on the pad, so I'm thinking of going with Folks and Fun  instead. Not quite what i had wanted, but unless I change my plan,which is quite possible, it'll have to do.

I only crocheted a single edge around the pad. It doesn't show up too well,so I may decide to add another round of crocheting. I have tacked and stitched the pad with the same red crochet thread.I am somewhat pleased with my day's project.So glad I found something to do with that pretty piece of Christmas fabric.I'm sure it'll be well used during the holidays.


  1. I like it Sue.
    I can't wait for slower times so I can sew also.
    I have a few things in mind, just need the time.

  2. Love both sides!!

    You sure are getting a lot of use from those old letters.

    I really need to make myself a couple of new sets from my favorite fonts...that way I'll have them handy in case I don't have access to the computer when I need them.

    You should see all the patterns I have squirreled just in case!

    Love you...V