Monday, October 24, 2011

What do I do?

I'm torn, as usual. I really don't have time to blog, although that's what I really want to do. There are several other projects that are vying for my time,as well.The little hot pad thing has pulled me away from my duties several times here lately, and it calls to me again today, but I have some flowers to dig and remove from my beds and new peonies to plant,that came in the mail this week. I must have ordered twice. I had just planted five peonies this past week., then here come three more.It's very possible. I meet myself coming back most days.I think what happened is, I ordered a set of peonies and they don't ship them until the right time to plant them rolls around. I must have forgotten and ordered another set.Nevertheless. I should have lots of different  colors of peonies this next season. At least I can hope! Sometimes they don't bloom the first year. Hopefully they won't wait too long to bloom.

I cut up lots of little boards, getting them to a more manageable size to bring indoors this winter. That's when I do most of my sign painting and the like.I love picking out my favorite quotes and putting them on little boards.  You wouldn't believe the stack of boards I have cut and waiting for me.

I have begun tearing up strips of fabric for rug making this winter,which is usually old sheets or sheets I have purchased at yard sales just for that purpose.Then I can sit and crochet and watch all the Western reruns with Pop.Well, really I crochet and listen to them while he sleeps. He can never stay awake for long, after eating his evening meal. There is something about a full stomach, a warm bath, and a loud program on TV,and his recliner, that puts him to sleep instantly.Not really sure just which one is the culprit, but I generally crochet or sew right on,for a while, at least.I just enjoy him being there beside me for a few minutes out of his busy day.Of course, you know his busiest days are usually spent visiting all the locals about town,although he is taking down a tree for a neighbor today, and helping them to cut it up into firewood.I just called to see if they needed me to come and help. They are about to call it a day. They cut up enough firewood for a truck load for each of themselves and one  load for the neighbor's cousin. They're calling it a day,but plan to cut another tree down tomorrow.They're off to the local restaurant for a bowl of bean soup with cornbread and onions.
That seems to be a favorite with all the local farmers.Possibly because it's cheap.Times are hard,you know.Especially for farmers.

I baked up a plate of muffins this morning.They'll be ready for the coffee drinkers this afternoon.  I have a pot of brown beans cooking.They won't be done until later today, and if he does have beans for lunch, we may just hold them over until tomorrow.I never figured on him going out for beans for lunch.Sorry 'bout that,Pop.

Just thought I'd drop in with a bit of what I've been up to.Nothing major going on around our house. The sweet potatoes are dug. I've gathered in lots of green tomatoes to freeze. The two or three frosts we've had have made it rough on the vegetation.Fire wood is in.Enough to hold us for a spell,anyway.The flue has been  cleaned out.Winter is approaching fast,but I think we're ready as soon as I dig out the fuzzy blankets.


  1. Sound like a wonderfully idylic life Sue. Wish I were there!
    Alas, soap shows call.

  2. Copied from our email

    ...sounds like fun! Love your Noel sign!

    I may beg some scrap wood when I get there!! Love working w/ wood too!