Thursday, October 6, 2011

They're Cheap But Oh So Pretty!

A couple of years ago, Pop and I were coming home from somewhere, when I spotted a whole stack of cushions sitting by the roadside, beside several garbage cans. Usually folks will put stuff like that out in plain view just in case some one wants to take it(before the garbage truck runs). They looked really nice from the road, although I couldn't believe anyone would toss out such good cushions. Up close the one side was bleached by the sun, so you just knew the fabric was weakened,too.Nevertheless, they looked better than the ones I was using at home. Pop didn't fret over me asking him to stop, so he must have thought it was worth the stop,too.We used the flip side of the cushions for about a year, and now they can use a face lift. 

This is the good side today, a year after we found them, so you know how nice they were a year ago.I have thought about getting new cushions several times, but the price always holds me back. You might could get lucky and find them for less,but I never have that kind of luck. Whenever I have priced them, they are around $30. per cushion. Do you know how many cushions I would need? I could buy 3 whole sets of tables with 4 chairs each,cushions and all, if I had that much money to waste.

I was in the fabric store this week,picking up more pellon. I hope I got the right kind this time.When I spotted this remnant of fabric. I fell in love with it. There would be enough to cover two of my cushions,if I added a piece to the middle of the back. No problem. I could do that. I have boocoodles of fabric.Sure enough. That is what I have done. I put them on my porch rocker, but I think 2 is too much.It doesn't sit well with 2. I will use one on a single chair for an accompaniment.It will still look nice when I get my rocker and chair painted. It is an oak rocker, but the weather has gotten to it a bit,so I'll just paint it when I refinish it.
I need to make a trip to the Do-It-Center tomorrow to pick up some more finish for my porch floor tomorrow,so I'll get a can of paint for the rocker while I'm at it.. My older sister,Mary,from Nails in My Pocket, is coming to lend me a hand with some of these chores.The weather is suppose to be nice again like it was today. We should get a lot done. Finish the porch floors,wash the vinyl siding down,paint the railings on the wrap around porch, and wash windows.Whew! That's makes me tired just saying it,but that's no great task for our family though.We can all turn over some real work when we set our heads to it.Then,when all of that is done, there will be wood cutting to do, then the rest of the winter will be mine. I can work on my crafts every day if I want to.

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  1. Very pretty Sue. People who don't know how to sew are really missing out. My M-I-L gave me a cushion just like yours and I made a cover for it. Easy & cheap!!!
    I've priced cushions also & you're right about $30.00 each.

    All I've been doing is getting ready for the fall shows.

    You take it easy, sounds like alot of work planned.