Friday, October 7, 2011

One Corner Porch Setting

Mary and Mom spent a good portion of the day with me today. We got a lot of work done.I went to the Do-It-Center and picked up some paint,more waterproofing for the porch, and a gallon or all purpose cleaner/ degreaser for the walls.  Mary washed down the vinyl siding,the porch ceiling,and some of the railings.Mom gave my rocker one coat of paint.It is going to look great with one more coat of paint.I touched up some of the white trim around the porch and some railings.I'll tackle more railings along the way if the weather holds out. I have a little table that once belonged to my brother,Jerry. I hope he doesn't mind. I've painted it a few times.It will make a nice addition to my corner arrangement, and hopefully one more single chair to match.Pop says he'd like to have another chair or two to match the rocker. It may not be as fancy as some of those sets you see in town, but I like it just fine.(Thanks Mary and Mom, for all your help today.)


  1. Sounds like you are having beautiful weather! Same here...nearly 2 weeks of Indian summer!

  2. Looks great! Summer is over here in Oregon and all outdoor furniture has been stored away.