Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daddy would be so proud.

Back in 1972,Mom and Dad,along with their five younger children,moved to St. Simon's Island,Georgia,after raising the first four children on Kentucky farms.  The family had not been relocated too long before Dad experienced his first heart attack.I drove down and visited with him in the hospital.It's strange how you remember certain things,but I remember Dad telling the gentleman sharing the same hospital room with him,about how I was the daughter from Kentucky who raised her own chickens and had home grown country eggs.Dad always enjoyed doing things the way his Mother and Father did when he was a kid.I guess as he grew older, it brought back memories of his childhood. I think that's the reason he was always bringing home quilt scraps from the auctions. So Mom would take up quilting like his Mom had done.Nevertheless, I got to thinking along these lines as I was cleaning a batch of turnip greens yesterday and Pop was splitting firewood. Daddy would be so proud to know we are still doing these kinds of things. Winter is just around the corner and these last few days, we have both been tying up a lot of loose ends,getting ready for it.


  1. Hi Sue-Pops looks like he has his hands full with all that wood.
    The forest in the background looks lovely, makes me want to go exploring.

  2. My own mom would always say she thought I was born in the wrong era! She never did understand my desire for homemade/handmade, but always respected my choices and cheered me on. (Tho she DID love a good garage sale!)