Saturday, October 8, 2011

We Bowl A Lot!

No,not the kind where you roll the ball down the gutter,at least that's where mine always ended up. I am speaking of the kind of bowl you use to eat your food. It seems we are using more bowls every day. When we grab a quick bite throughout the day, we choose a bowl. Possibly because they fit in the microwave better. But then they are easier to carry around with you. At least that's part of my reasoning.I am usually multi-tasking when I eat.Either that or taking a quick bite out to the garage for Pop, so he won't eat junk that will mess up his sugar.He keeps several food items in his fridge in the garage for quick snacks, but they are all from the worst food groups.There should be a law against making those types of foods that harm folks so bad health wise. Either that or have all of the grocery store computers programmed to where each person has a bracelet from their doctor, and then they will not be allowed to buy certain foods.Their bracelet ID, when scanned,would say DENIED,for certain food items.I doubt that idea would ever get approved, but in some cases, it sounds good to me.Without naming any specific names, that concept could be used in lots of other programs as well.But,getting back to my topic. You can order up lots of meals nowadays,all in one bowl. Everyone knows about ordering salads with everything in the bowl. Now I am seeing beans,potatoes,cornbread,etc. all in one bowl.They usually tack funny names to these items on the menu.Then there is the breakfast in a bowl. I have never ordered one of these type meals, but I see others who do.Some folks don't like their food to touch on their plate. We have a daughter like that, but most folks I know could care less about that. Some even stir it all up anyway. I have a brother that has done that on many occasions.To each his own.Just wondering if others are using bowls the way we do.


  1. yes sue i use a bowl heaps more than a plate, i use a wide "pasta bowl" size, heaps more convenient and if we arent sitting at the table a bowl will rest on the chest so i dont spill down the front, otherwise id need a bib lol

  2. I don't know about the ID bracelet idea Sue, I'm more of a "let me police myself person".
    As for eating out, maybe once every 3 months, haven't seen a trend towards bowls but then like I said, we don't get out much.
    We take our food for work in glad plastic bowls.
    I think cooler weather lends itself to bowls.

  3. We use bowls alot too! It just seems simple to grab one for something small-then again we are big cereal eaters too.