Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Either Eat,Sleep,or Make Another Hot Pad!

You guessed it. I've made another hot pad today. I call them hot pads, but who knows how they'll be used. I have no specific plan for them. I just enjoy making them.

I'm using up more of my pretty fabric pieces.

Don't these fabric pieces look great together?
Another day indoors. Got to keep my hands busy, or I'll be eating or sleeping. My older sister,Mary,from Nails in my Pocket,and I,talked on the phone today. She and I are a lot alike, in that we feel guilty if we are not busy. If we don't stay busy on these cold dreary days, we're likely to snuggle up on the sofa with a warm fuzzy blanket,and sleep the day away,and that doesn't sound like such a bad idea.Where's my fuzzy blanket?


  1. It is so pretty! Very feminine!!
    Especially like the crochet edge.

    Gotta run (well, not running exactly more like shuffling along)...taking Roman to football practice my crochet with me too.

    Love you...until later...V

  2. Oh Sue, I know what you mean. Why do we feel the need to be busy?

  3. i really like that pink edging too you put on my pads. im wanting to make some food covers for xmas (you know what i mean? netting to keep the flys off etc) and thought i would have a go at edging them with crochet like yours. its 77 f today, can you imagine xmas time in the heat of 93f ? and then we go and eat a roast meal, lol, old traditions die hard. id prefer cold meat and salads, thats what my own family did but so many others including the inlaws do a hot dinner