Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh,Dear! What Can the Matter Be!

                                         Johnny's so long at the fair!

                  No,it isn't the Fair that's keeping me away from my computer.
I have so many projects started, it's unreal, but this project has held me captive here lately. I ran across these pretty images while rummaging through my fabric stash, and they cried out to me. Use me somehow! So that's what I have been doing. I guess it sounds like I need to take a trip with those men in the baggy britches,with my fabric speaking to me, but no, I am serious. I am ashamed to say that I don't have a clue where I got this piece of fabric.It is terrible to have something you love so well, and not even remember from whence it came. I get fabric from so many people and places,it is not possible to remember the who,what, when and where for every piece.That sounds awful when I say it, but truly, I do not know where I got this piece.

Nevertheless, I had this little quilt that I had made, quite some time ago, that just didn't appeal to me,so I left the one side of it blank, for the most part, just in case I found something I liked better to put on that side.Well, that day has come. I found the perfect thing for that bare side.I say bare, but really, I had put a tiny trim border around the edge of the quilt,in a sky blue fabric, and embroidered a few tiny flowers on each corner so it wouldn't look so bare, until I could finish it. The appliqued pieces fit perfectly and really do appeal to me.Now, if only I can decide what to do with the little quilt. I'm thinking possibly a wall hanging . I had been letting Sarah use it on the sofa, but it's too pretty for a dog quilt now.The only trouble there is that I have no more wall space unless I start filling up the walls in the basement.That's a thought. I'll get started now.I have so may things I'd like to display.So Tootle-loo! Til my next post.

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  1. Very nice!! Love what you did with those! Looks like elves or fairies live there.

    until later...V