Tuesday, July 3, 2012

... they licked the platter clean.

Last night we visited friends who recently purchased a farm near the river.This farm has been the main attraction to several folks who already knew the family since most of them come from the Louisville kind of lifestyle.I suppose if I lived in Louisville, I'd want to find a nice getaway,too.Nevertheless, the new owner is a tremendous cook and that's a big draw,too. Folks love to know other folks who like to cook and entertain, and have a nice place to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.Especially, if they are picking up all the tabs.Pop is a ham, and when it comes to finding that kind of set up, he's right there in the middle of it all. I don't usually attend those big bashes, but this family seemed a little different, so I went. Lo and behold,I had a good time. Dan, the owner is the cook, and of course, he and I hit it off right away. I love to discuss food,recipes,etc.I don't do a lot of cooking anymore, since I've retired, but I still like to talk about it.
The group was down for the holidays, so Dan had every days menu lined up like a business. Don't people like that make you sick? Why do they have to be so neat and meticulous and organized about everything?Why not be a helter skelter person like myself?Anyway....Dan had been cooking all day for the meal last night. He had Jambalaya,fresh green beans,sliced tomatoes,and burgers and hot dogs for the kids.He said no need to bring anything, but I think he just hated to ask. I brought some baked beans and sliced cukes and onions in vinegar and salt water.I know,2 kinds of beans, but it was a short notice, and then I knew those men would devour the entire meal he had fixed in a heartbeat, so no one would notice,I hoped.It all went really well.Leah went with us. She took her first canoe ride and then finished the evening in the pool. She was in heaven.She had no trouble sleeping last night.

and in the recliner,too.She had not stayed over night with us for quite sometime. The bad hurricane that hit La. a few years back scared her so bad, she would not be separated from her parents after that,only under dire circumstances,until now.She loves a "shindig"as she calls it, and too, she is getting to be a little more mature nowadays.She had a blast.

Back to the platter....I spent the morning trying to imulate the dish Dan had fixed the night before, only using ingredients I had at hand, possibly incorporating a few fresh veggies,and trying to move a few items along,out of the freezer, making space for the new veggies.You will not believe how good the mix turned out. We devoured the entire pot by 5 o'clock pm.Dan stopped by and tried a bowl, and another neighbor was brave enough to try a bowl, and between myself,Pop, and the two other game fellows, we licked the platter clean.It was scrumptous.

My Version of Jambalaya today(my recipe will probably change with the next pot)
2 small grated squash
1 large onion diced
1 green pepper
some bacon drippings
creole seasoning
Cook till tender.
1 pint of seasoned diced tomatoes
1 pint of beef broth
1 pack of spanish rice
1/2 pound of cooked hamburger meat
1 cup of finely diced ham
Cook until thick.

I don't like to follow recipes, but I think it turned out rather tasty. If you try it, you might want to tweek it a bit with your own additives.I cooked it in the slow cooker until it was thick, and the veggies and rice was well done. A good way to use up some of those fresh garden jewels.

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  1. So nice to hear from you Sue. Sounds like a wonderful evening and I'm glad you had a great time. xo