Friday, September 6, 2013

Just Add Worms

Super Reds European Night Crawlers    


As usual, I got so excited, I forgot to take pictures. I received my night crawlers today. 500 to be exact. Well, I didn't count them, but I trust Uncle Jim is an honest man. I have ordered from him before and was satisfied with my product back then, so I'm assuming all will be fine this time around. I dabbled with Red Wigglers at that time, but wanted something a little bigger for my latest project. The wigglers were more of a food scrap composting type. I wanted these for my newly built raised beds to help build up and loosen the soil. I've tried to bring in night crawlers before and folks always say, "Oh, they multiply like crazy. You'll have loads of them before you know it." Not! I wonder if my soil is too hard for them to get established. Surely the new bed I've built will help them to get off to a good start, to multiply and do their thing. Not such an outrageous investment at approximately ten cents a piece, but I'll not try it again if they fail to take hold. I'm not holding my breath, but I may keep my fingers crossed in hopes that they survive and do good.

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