Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pop's Mexican Goulash Revised

I did some research and goulash is a soup or stew of sorts,but Pop and a good friend of his, came up with this recipe while working away from home with the construction crew. Being men, they naturally had to have meat, potatoes, onions, and some hot ingredients. Pop's friend, Gene, threw in the Spanish Rice, a strange addition since it's called Mexican Goulash. I guess Pop and Gene just grabbed the name out of the air, for lack of anything better.

Nevertheless, we now cook this dish quite often at our house. It's fairly simple to fix, has several components, and is a complete meal. This is one dish with which Pop does not require Cornbread. He prefers regular sliced bread, and I don't require bread that much with any meal. Thus, a very simple dinner.

First, I fry my sliced potatoes, onions, and hot sausage until smothered down good and thoroughly cooked. I add my seasonings of choice while it is cooking. Usually Creole Seasoning, salt and pepper.The sausage provides enough grease for frying. If not, I simply add a little Canola or vegetable oil. After all is thoroughly cooked, I set it aside and cook a batch of Spanish Rice,whether it be from a package or from scratch. We normally use packaged. It's so much quicker. When the rice is cooked and we are ready to eat, we put a heaping helping of the potatoes in our plate, then cover it with the rice. Pop tops his with more hot sauce. I find the seasonings already in the dish are sufficient for me.

But tonight........I sauteed a green sweet pepper,a red sweet pepper, and an huge onion, in another skillet. I was afraid Pop would not want these healthy vegetables messing up his recipe, and I was right. So......I ladled them over my plate of Goulash. It was heavenly. I definitely will be trying that again.

I am already planning to grow more sweet peppers and onions next season in my new raised garden bed. I can't wait. I plan to dice and freeze lots of them for adding to my meals, even if I can't convince Pop to try them.I may try gradually adding a few now and then, to his meals. It's kinda like turning on the burner under the frog in the pot of water. You know the story.

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