Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Patience is not one of my strong suites.

“Waiting and hoping is a hard thing to do when you've already been waiting and hoping for almost as long as you can bear it.” 
― Jenny NimmoCharlie Bone and the Time Twister

I have waited so long for a really nice raised bed, and now I am getting impatient to see something growing in it. I couldn't stand it any longer. I went to town today and picked up a few plants, plus I dug a few from my yard, and set them out in my new bed. They won't have long to do much, but hopefully there will be enough time for me to tell if the soil needs adjustments. I love to work with the soil, and you can usually tell by the plants as to whether it needs something more or not. I'm hoping to see these plants fill out nicely before he first frost arrives. With the strange weather we have been having this year, one never knows what to expect.

These two pictures are of a new plant I found today. It is the Trumpet Flower. I believe it is the same family as the Moon Flower I have been growing now for several years. The nursery had it in yellow, and now I am wishing I had bought one of them,too.This flower was so strange, I could not resist bringing it home.

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