Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recovering! (from the Camping Trip from Hell)

me  cleaning up after breakfast
Leah's first solo on jet ski
outhouse built by friends
nephew BJ taking the girls for a ride on the jet ski
family doing more socializing with Pop
morning after the storm
BJ had a huge water tank elevated above this trailer for a gravity fed shower and dish washing.

These are a few shots from our camping trip. So glad you can't capture emotions, because I was in misery the entire time. I don't mind the camping, but there were so many negatives during the entire trip, I did not enjoy the trip nearly as much as everyone else. There always has to be someone over seeing everything, and I am elected most of the times we have camp outs.Pop could eat his meals out of a cooler and never unpack the planned kitchen set up unless it's the coffee pot and the iron skillet which he uses over the open fire.When BJ camps out, he has a generator and grills. We have lights and fans,etc. We use a makeshift shower, which is kinda nice. Some friends of BJ's used his campsite for an outing and for payment, they built an BJ an outhouse for the camp site. That was better than having to fight the poison oak and ivy in the woods.
The first day we were there, it was too hot to catch your breath.That night, we had a horrible wind and rain storm. Remember, we(Pop and I) were sleeping in a tent. Leah, the little Princess she is, had to sleep in My Lincoln(with the windows partially down).BJ and one other couple who stayed the night, both had make shift campers, made from horse trailers. They had no worries, other than the supplies and the boats,etc.that were out in the open, getting blown away in the wind or rushing river. My bedding got saturated with water. Pop was on a blow up mattress. He remained dry and slept through most of the storm.Leah was dry. She said she simply covered her head when the storm hit, never giving it a thought to raise the windows of my Lincoln. Needless to say, I have spent the next two days trying to dry out my Lincoln.
These are only a few of the negatives from my point of view and I could go on with many more, but I think you get the picture, although from the pictures, it seems I was the only soul there that was not having a blast. I guess you could say that camping is not my "cup of tea".

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  1. Camping in the rain in a tent is never fun. I spent 3 days camping over the 4th of July this year and it never stopped raining AT ALL. In the end even the inside of the camper was damp. We got nearly 6 inches of rain.