Friday, September 13, 2013

What has happened to Creativity?

 Creativity?  It seems so many folks have lost the ability to be creative. When I was growing up, there was little money to be found for extras like toys. Today, kids feel they must have the latest craze, which in most cases, is a hand held computer or game of some sort. Imagination and creativity are out the window.
I wonder just how many folks take the time to explain to their children that they need to learn to be creative. If one is creative, they will never have time to be bored. You can look around and find something to do or make at any given moment of the day. I only wish I had time to make, and do, and cook all of the great creative ideas that pop into my head every minute of every day.
a ring to hold cords

I really didn't have the time, or so I thought, but I grabbed up an empty paper towel roll and was headed to the garbage can with it, when I got to thinking of all the things one could do with this empty roll. I stopped and pulled out a roll of red duct tape and a pair of scissors and created a little ring holder for my cell phone recharging cord. One can always use such a thing for help in keeping things neat in a drawer. Cords especially.One could find so many uses for such a ring.

This is only a small example of a creative idea,and it's another way of keeping such items out of the landfills and reducing our carbon footprint.

Have you taken the time lately, to sit down with your children or grandchildren and shown them different ways to be creative and reduce their own carbon footprint?

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