Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patty, Here's Your Sign!

I said sign, but really, it's a chalkboard. One of the ladies at the local Grocery,three miles from my home, had mentioned wanting a chalkboard for the porch so she could post the lunch special for the day. It is a very small grocery, but they do serve a wonderful breakfast and some simple lunches to the locals,mostly farmers,who are out and about, and don't wish to drive back to their homes for lunch. Then, too, it's a nice gathering place for the locals to socialize when they are not in Pop's garage.  Pop and I eat breakfast there on an average of 2-3 times a week. Usually when we need to get right to some pre-planned task for the day. I inherited an easel in a bunch of yard sale type goodies, and it is entirely too big for my purposes, so I am donating that to the cause,too. Hopefully, I'll get a picture of the board all set up and in use shortly. Patty and her Mother-in-law,who does the cooking at the store, have experienced the loss of a close family member and they are most likely taking a day or two off anyway. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family at this time.

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