Thursday, September 19, 2013

Move Over Peter Piper

Peter is not the only one who has been picking peppers. Pop visited a neighbor yesterday in search of a few tomatoes for the table and this is a few of the items he brought home. Pop doesn't eat sweet peppers unless they are cooked up in meatloaf or Spanish Rice. And even then he won't admit that he eats them.

I cleaned and sliced and diced the peppers at 3 o'clock this morning, since I couldn't sleep. I think my nap time has been getting later and later each day, and some days I miss it all together. That must be the reason I cannot get a good night's sleep lately. When I miss my nap totally, that causes me to go to bed earlier. It seems I am getting more and more like Mom every day. She only needed 4 hours of sleep nightly, then she was up and ready to start the new day. I guess taking a nap in the mid afternoon helps to supply us with enough sleep to warrant only 4 hours of night sleep.Whatever works!

I diced and froze about a half gallon freezer bag of the peppers, and saved a few slices for me to munch on with cream cheese. I have read that bright colorful veggies is a great help in warding off cancer. The brighter the colors the better. So I have saved the seeds from all of the various types of peppers in hopes of growing some next Spring.They will be so pretty in my new raised bed.

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