Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

Regardless of our choice of mediums, we need to put aside our pumpkin making now, and concentrate on Christmas decorations, unless,of course, we are making them for next years bazaars.(Connie, I hope you don't mind me using your little quilted pumpkin in my picture,too.)I love the Fall colors. I could make something with them any day of the year. There is something about those warm bright colors that gets my blood surging in my veins, but then so does the bright reds,greens,gold,and silver,and even the bright whites of the Christmas season.I have read different articles about color therapy, but wasn't real sold on the validity of it,but maybe there is something to it. You know like painting jail cells a certain color to calm the prisoners or classrooms to calm the kids. I guess it might have some truth to it. Use bright colors to give folks more energy.Maybe if I tell Pop about the articles I've read, he will give in for me to paint my walls something brighter like Cranberry or Forest Green(well,maybe not the bedrooms,they'd need a calmer,more peaceful color)I would love to try one wall at least,maybe a small one,just to see if I'd like it.My sister suggested tacking up a sheet or a piece of fabric to see how I like it first. Not sure if I could get a good feel from that or not,but it could be a job trying to cover that dark paint if I decide it wasn't for me.I guess I'll give the sheet or fabric a try.I sure wish I had one of those programs where you can click on any piece of furniture or wall,etc.,and change it's color. I used one of those when I was picking floor coverings and paint and cabinets while we were building our new house, so I know they make such a thing,but it would probably cost an arm and a leg,and I need all my appendages in tact for a little while longer.
Christmas is coming,you know, and I plan to be ready.


  1. You're right about colors altering moods.
    I did the accent wall idea, first I tried a dark green, made everything too dark so I went back and tried a lighter green, perfect!
    Super light green for the main walls, medium for the accent. Then I used dark green for the accent pillows on the sofa.

    Maybe for you an antique or eggshell white for the main walls and a light cranberry for the accent wall. Bring in a darker cranberry with pillows and perhaps throws?

    Also read on Brendie's blog that you would like to get some more soap. You can order at or just email me at
    Glad you liked my soap.

    I got Brendies gift on Friday and will be blogging about it soon, really cool!

  2. I only had a lone pumpkin out on the back porch as my official Halloween decoration this year -- it's still out there and will probably remain there until spring.

    For Christmas, I'll bring out my little 2-foot tree, already decorated, and that's about it.

    I'll live vicariously through my bloggy friends as far as the other decorations go. :)

  3. I love the new paint color but with my furniture i have to stay with my color, i did go a little darker in my dinning room and really like it. In time I'm planning on painting the rest of my rooms, maybe after the holiday. don't mind you using the pumkin it is your to do what you want! Have a great day, i got to get busy on jessica curtains!