Friday, November 5, 2010

In Response to Terry's post
Sad,Terry, but true.It happens a lot, at the auctions we attend on a regular basis. Many times, the folks who rent those storage units,lose their "stuff" for whatever reason, and whoever ends up with their "stuff" does not treasure it as the owner once did.Death of the owner is the cause, in some cases, but occasionally, it might be for non payment of the monthly rent.After so long, and the rent is not paid on the unit, the owner takes possession of the "stuff" in the unit to do with as he wishes.He has buyers come in and bid on the "stuff", and whoever gets it,they resell it at auctions,yard sales, or consignment shops,for a profit. Nevertheless, the "stuff" goes cheap. I helped the little lady I speak of in my posts, this past week or so, and she had a lot of really expensive "stuff" that went for a song.But there you go again, she HAD to move her "stuff" in a hurry ,so therefore had to take a loss on a lot of things.It was really hard to watch it sell so cheap. She had to leave the room on occasion,just because it was so hard for her to watch it sell that cheap.As I am learning from my Mom and many others I know,it is a good idea to begin narrowing down your inventory as you get older. Or this will be your plight. Lots of your "stuff" will be clumped together in boxes, and sold for 50 cents a box,if you're lucky. In the little ladies case, they put up 2 or 3 boxes toward the end for a mere fifty cents. Now that was sad, but she had so much, and most folks must watch what they spend these days,with the economy being as it is.And then, too, everyone has "So Much Stuff"at home already.


  1. I've just read back a couple of posts (keep missing your posts in my reader for some reason) and you did a wonderful thing for that lady. I hope she's on her way to somewhere safe where she'll settle in and can be happy.

  2. I know Sawn, I tell my kids "don't you dare sell my stuff at a garage sale". I do have a lot of stuff and am trying to move some of it out, but it is all so beautiful. I have educated them on the value of things but in the end it only has value if someone else wants it!
    Also, I too am having trouble getting your recent blogs in my list. Hopefully the trouble is over as I did get your last one.

  3. Thanks, ladies for your comments. I wonder what the problem could be. I don't think I am doing anything different.Maybe the problem will work its way out.We can only hope.