Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Visited Mattie and Josie

The black goat,Josie, and the one in the front with the brown head,Mattie, are the two we sold.Josie was never really lovey dovey, like Mattie, and she was a bit of a rouge. She was constantly getting out of the pen.

The grandchildren were a wee bit saddened when I told them that I had sold Mattie and Josie,so we promised them a visit to their present home. When they got there and saw they had 25 to 30 other goats to play with,and many acres to play on and graze, they felt much better.The goats remembered us and come right up to us once again. If only we had remembered to bring crackers.Maybe next time. There were many goats,of all sizes there.Even several new babies.When I told the children that we might have new babies around March, they were satisfied.The owner of all the goats had loaned us his male to breed Katlyn once more. The grandchildren are getting older now, and don't spend as much time with the animals as they once did, and since we don't really have the acreage or the fencing,we felt it was best to let them go. And the price of goats is really good right now.I guess the children are O K with it for now,since they have the two cats, the pet chicken, and a new beagle hound to occupy their time.


  1. I'm glad you're back, missed your posts.
    It was very kind of you to help that lady, there needs to be more folks like you in this world.

  2. Thanks,Terry. I have a bit of a cold from working out in the weather the last couple of days with her,but hopefully, I'll get my energy back soon.I hate being being sick.It's the pits.

  3. Good to see you back blogging hope you will get to feeling better.