Friday, November 5, 2010

The Home Stretch!

My new friend, the one tough lady I've been blogging about, is in Arizona now.She called Thursday night to check in with us. Hopefully she will make it home this weekend. She says she is getting really tired and weary. I can only imagine. At 73 years of age, pulling an older,overloaded truck and trailer for 2200 miles through that rugged country,fromCentral Kentucky to Southern California.She needs an award of some kind. She is amazing for tackling that trip to begin with. She did say the roads were much better than she remembered, but the hills were worse than she remembered. I don't doubt the load she was hauling this trip,would make it seem a lot worse.Hopefully, she will find a place to live in the next few days. I feel she will keep in touch, so I'll post any news as I hear it. May God watch over her and keep her safe, as her faith is strong and it has supported her thus far.

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  1. its hard to imagine the distances when im in a country that only takes about 5 hours coast to coast at the widest parts and less than 2 days the length of both islands. 2200 miles, thats a lot of driving at any age.