Friday, November 19, 2010

An All Purpose Bar Soap From Mom's Past!

The picture is from The Mother Nature Network..(
I was reading Brendie's blog, and she tells of an all purpose bar soap that her mother once used for her family.That must have been the way my Mom's folks did. They had a soap that was used in a similar way.Octagon Soap. I had never heard of it, until a few years ago. We had taken my mother to visit her people in south Louisiana, and we went shopping,with the family.We were exploring all the Cajun products that we only see occasionally in Kentucky. It was fascinating.We ran across this soap, and Mom began to tell us the story about how everyone in Louisiana grew up with that soap in their household. That was a the first I had heard of it, so I had to buy a few bars to take home. That's been several years now, and I still have a bar lying around just for memories sake,I guess,but after reading all I have about the soap, I may contact my cousins from Louisiana and have them to bring me a case of it on their next trip to Kentucky. They try to visit at least once a year. Last year, I had them to bring me figs. Most times,when they visit, they bring products they know we like, but are not found often in our Kentucky stores.I guess the soap folks are making themselves,nowadays, is basically, the equivalency to that type of household all purpose soap.All the more reason, I need to get it in gear, and learn to make my own soap,once more.(I did make lye soap, once as a project in school, with a program called Project Outreach. The Principal talked me into heading up the program for that year.I agreed since it was only for 20 nights.Ten before Christmas, and ten after Christmas, with a break between.I enjoyed every minute of it.I had to line up 20 people to put on demonstrations for the guests who chose to attend,each for a one hour session,each teaching the class their specific craft.The first ten nights went great. Then the program fizzled out, after Christmas, for whatever reason.Not so many takers on my last ten sessions, but the pay was great,so all was not lost.And I did enjoy the opportunity to do something that was "right down my alley".I love showing folks how to make crafts.(An ah-ha moment...I just gave myself a new idea.More later on that.)


  1. I'm going to make my own soap! LOL- that's been a goal of mine for about 2 weeks! But I've been so stinkin busy! I might try this weekend-

  2. I love it when a lightbulb goes on, Sue, don't you? I'll be waiting impatiently to hear what that's all about. Hope you are having a great Saturday!