Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living With Less!

Every since I began blogging, this has been the underlying goal for most bloggers in other countries. Tonight is the first time I have heard it mentioned in the news media in my country. Many of the folks I know,have been living pretty close to the bone all their life, while others don't have a clue as to how to live with less.I think more folks in the USA need to take this challenge and hopefully it will catch on and start a wave as it has in other countries.It is my opinion that the USA is one of the most wasteful countries on the planet.You can drive down the road, city or country, on garbage collection day, and see what others are discarding. Lots of times it's things that are better than what I have been using on a daily basis.It makes one sick to think people are so wasteful.And many times, these are the folks who are getting government checks of some sort, in the mail each month. I think they need to be held accountable to someone for their wasteful ways.Maybe the news folks could travel around with a camera,and expose these folks by showing them on their news program. Maybe by embarrassing them in front of the world,it would help to wake them up.We are burying ourselves in our own garbage.These same folks,too,are the ones who refuse to recycle.For those of us who are living on less,recycling,and conserving,it seems as though we are just spinning our wheels, trying to make this a better world to live in.Unless more people start pulling in the same direction, we will all lose.


  1. its the same here sawn, the welfare cheques(checks) the laziness, the wastage, trouble is trying to embarrass them would work here, tv cameras would make them think they were celebrities, lol. i heard today that our big dairy industry...fonterra, has paid their CEO a 5 million dollar salary. in a country as small as this, during a recession, where we pay $5 For a 500gram block of butter, its down right rude. a lot of our farmland is being turned into dairy farms, exporting most to china, ruining our soils, there goes all the good cropping land.

  2. Well, we in the US buy cheap stuff, which falls apart quickly, so we are ending up buying garbage and then we throw it away, and the cycle repeats. I agree, we are burying ourselves in our own garbage.

  3. Really all you can do is follow your own path and hope to set a good example for others. It is a throw-away society unfortunately. I'm thinking the poor economy has set some people to thinking about doing more with less. At least, I hope so.