Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Long Day!

Today was a very long day. The time change was not the only hurtle. We had both grandchildren.They were on their best behavior today, since their Dad had come down on them pretty hard about all the sibling fighting. I worry they will cripple each other at times, but I know it is mostly just something they do.They do hurt one another at times, but I tell them not to come crying when it happens, since they won't listen when I tell them not to do it.They get such pleasure out of "picking" at each other.Nevertheless,we had a very busy day.

First off we went to the local restaurant for breakfast with friends. I had bought some little turkeys at the auction, and I wanted to share a few with the restaurant folks. They fit on a little stick and go in the flower arrangements on each table. They gobble occasionally. There was no way to control their gobble either. They just gobble whenever. We have yet to figure out how.No batteries needed. I broke one open and only found a few little wires and such.There was a paper pull tab that had to be removed in order for them to gobble, but then they were on their own. They are so cute. I bought 48 of them with the plan to use them in my little Fall centerpieces I am making. I can't wait to get to that.

We got the kids at 10:00. First off the bat,Leah wanted to make a cake for when the coffee drinkers dropped by. She loves to have get togethers. She is old enough to make the coffee now, and sometimes they tip her.I found out today, that is part of the reason she wants to wait on them.We called the good friends with whom we had just eaten breakfast, and told them we would be having a little gathering at 4:00.They come by for coffee now and then anyway, but Leah like to call folks and announce "our party".She had her Aunt Rhonda thinking we really were having a party, and she was getting upset that she had not been invited. Once that was cleared up and the cake was baked, she had to put sprinkles on it. She sprinkles everything possible when we cook.We have all the special colored sprinkles for every holiday.I figure if that helps her take interest in cooking, I'm for it.Oh yes, and we cooked spaghetti. That's her favorite food when visiting us.She could care less if anything else is cooked,but she does prefer Prego Spaghetti sauce.She did try chocolate pudding today, but decided it wasn't her favorite food.I didn't have instant on hand today, and I think that's what she's use to..

Leah and I cleaned Pop's "pouting room" getting it ready for company. It is never presentable when company drops in, and I am so embarrassed for him, although he could care less. He offered to have the company in the house today,AFTER we cleaned his garage,when he never wants company to come in the house. It's always,Bring coffee to the garage,so, today, it's coffee in the clean garage. (He likes being amongst his "stuff",but I'd like company to come into the house, once in a while, so we can sit amongst my pretty "stuff".)

Five year old John did his usual things while Leah and I were about our girlish duties.He watches SpongeBob, plays his games on the computer, eats an occasional bowl of cereal, runs circles around the farm,plays on the rock pile, then on the dirt pile,plays with the cats.I think he's outgrown his nap. It was never mentioned today.And when the cake was done, he sneaked in the kitchen and ate the entire heart out of one layer.It was a good thing we baked two layers. Company would have had coffee with strawberries, but no cake.

We spent some time today,with Ellie Mae, the pet chicken. We have been trying to get her use to the other chickens, so we can put her in the pen with them. We don't want them pecking her to death after raising her like we have.She is such a pet. She'll follow me forever hoping I'll break over and give her a pouch of her favorite kitten food, and I usually do.Our pets are all so spoiled. It's a good thing we only have a few.The new Beagle,Fred,wasn't working out, so Pop gave him to a good friend who is much younger.Hopefully Fred will get to do some rabbit hunting after all.The wood cutting has worn Pop down a bit this year,and he felt he couldn't handle all the walking involved when hunting rabbits.We know our friend will give Fred a good home.

Pop's fell asleep in front of the TV, and I am beat, so it's off to beddy bye for me. I hope all had an equally enjoyable and relaxing Sunday.Good Night All!


  1. nice :) now i want coffee and cake

  2. What a day you had, Sue! Sorry Fred didn't work out -- but I'm glad he had a good home to go to.

    Have a great Monday!

  3. LOL- kids have WAYYYY too much energy!LOL- and we don't have enough-- there must be a way to even it out