Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Won! I Won! I Won! Well,Maybe Not!

Guess what! I have just recieved an email saying my email address had been selected to win a BMW and a cash prize of 750,00 something.
Only it is in the United Kingdom. How do I get a car over the ocean,and pay the cost of doing so, and still think I had won a car,not to mention a BMW. And what country can afford to give away a car and 750,000 anything, in this recession.
What kind of a fool do they think I am to fall for that story.Sorry, Mr.Nath Gibsion,you won't be hearing from this recipient.


  1. haha sue, i got one last week too, i "won" a million lol, isnt that a coincidence. i am yet to claim my prize lol

  2. Hope you are feeling better! I might get my dinning room finish by thanksgiving, depend on how thing goes. You know what they say about being oranized, A unoranized person is never lazy because they are always looking for their stuff, the quilt lady that i work with said we would never be lazy because we was always looking for our stuff.Thank for your comment! FEEL BETTER!