Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mailing my Gift Box Today!

I reread the post about our Swap,and found that it was for an ornament and a card.
I had originally thought it was a sampling of the crafts we make,that we would be sharing, and had proceeded to compile those things,only to find I was mistaken.I
am sending my box along, but would love to send another, some time in the near future, with some of the things I make.Nevertheless,this will be a good test to
see how long it takes the package to get there, and whether or not it gets there
in one piece.(It's on it's way to New Zealand,as of today,Brendie.)


  1. How fun, Sue! It's always great to connect with our blogger friends outside of the Internet. Brings us all that much closer.

  2. im just about done sue, ive made cards and are just about finished...i think, i got off track too, and made other stuff, then had to reign in and focas on xmas decoration. :) i should be posting friday morning.

  3. Sue - I guess I misread the post also.
    Anyway, I shall send you my original plan, hope you like!!!

  4. who follows rules anyway, its all about fun and friends :)

  5. oh sue you are such a sweetie! im creative but not crafty, this is the first time ive made cards so it will be "interesting" ;)