Saturday, January 8, 2011

Budget Wows?

I guess when you've been on a budget your entire life, it doesn't seem to hurt so bad, when they say you're gonna have to tighten up a bit. That's been the story of our lives. It's not so hard to do around this house,since Pop and I both, grew up living pretty close to the bone. We know how it's done. We may have gotten away from that lifestyle a bit over the years,since we, like most in this country, have had plenty for a long time. Times have been good for the most of our 32 years together. We have not had to strain that much to live a comfortable life. We live simple, but comfortable,and I think that may be the reason we are not feeling the crunch so much now, when things are really bad. We don't waste,and frugal has been our way of life the entire journey.The kids have made fun of us and complained, at times, about us eating cost cutter foods, instead of the big name brands, and us wearing consignment store clothing, instead of shopping at the fancy shmancy stores that sell expensive name brand designer clothing.It bothered me for many years to know they were so spoiled,they felt they must have the name brand things, but I think it has finally sunk in,as to why we did that. When we do get a check,it doesn't all go out for credit card payments,house payments, car payments,and the like.When ever one of them needs help in any way, they know we will be there when and if things get too rough. That is worth a lot. I hope they have finally come to realize why we have lived the way we have for all these years.
The pictures I posted today is just a sample of our way of doing things. We had a big meal for the fellows working on our pond lately, and there were a few left overs. I took a couple of left over potatoes which were smothered over the green beans, and about 1/2 cup of left over corn,I diced up a fresh onion,threw in an egg and a couple of heaping table spoons of flour,and a dash of herb seasoning blend.I smushed this all together and took my little cookie dough dropper, and dropped the mixture into a pan of hot oil(the good oil,Of course).With a dab of Ranch dressing,they were scrumptious.Leftovers are used up,we are filled up,no money spent for this snack, and that will hold us until our evening meal, and we'll start the process all over again. It is amazing how good anything tastes when deep fried.(It's not a good idea to eat deep fried that often, but for a change,it not so bad).


  1. It's the frugal people that are able to get through these tough times without really having to change that much. Your mixture of leftovers sounds great. :)

  2. Thanks,ladies,for your comments.
    Yes, Terry,feel free. No real recipe. We just stir up different things in hopes it will pass the taste test around here. Pop is funny about eating a lot of things, but he usually likes anything deepfried, just as long as I don't get too weird with it.I learned many years ago, you can fool men and children, lots of times, when sneaking in foods they need but won't eat otherwise, into something like this.Just so the offensive food is not too overpowering where they would pick up on it.You know,like carrots or zuchinni,in a cake,or the like.