Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Dreadful F Word Again

Why is it, when you are cooped up indoors, your mind is constantly on Food? I try not to bring in junk foods unless we are having company, then I use them as munchies for the guests, until the meal is ready or for snacking through the remainder of the day,if they linger.The only trouble is,when the company is gone, the munchies remain, sitting there,calling my name.And they never need to call my name more than once. Well, the munchies are all gone, so I tried to find something I could whip up that was just as fattening,since that seems to be the only kind of food that interests me when I'm in the munching mood.
I have been thinking of trying these pecan mini-pies for some time now.I didn't bother looking up a recipe(as usual). I just jumped in with both feet and tried my own variation. I had 2 rolls of ready made pie crust in the fridge, and since Pop was onto me to clear out some of the "stuff" in the fridge, I used that for an excuse to cook. I made the mini pecan pies.They turned out pretty good.Better than I had figured they would with no recipe. So my sweet tooth will be satisfied for one more day, and the doctor's scales will go crazy tomorrow when we go for our regular check ups.Do you have days when you want to eat everything in site?


  1. I have this I bought some baby carrots.. They seem to cure the munchies.. They crunch and they are sweet..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  2. I love a good crunchy snack. And, my snack habit seems to be worse when I am at work!

  3. My snack food of choice is tortilla chips. Way too much salt!

  4. I keep white cheese rice cakes in the cupboard for when I need something crunchy.

    They only have about 45 calories -- but taste great -- and keep me from diving into the bread and peanut butter.

    Your little pies look very cute. :)