Monday, January 3, 2011

Phone Book Epidemic!

Nancy,once again,has given me my idea for another post. She started her blog with a joke, but here in our area, we have almost as many choices in phonebooks as they do in license plates.When the time comes for the new books to come out, they are everywhere.In the mailbox,on the ground by the mailbox,on your doorstep.We have a circle driveway.They even drive through it and drop one at our garage door.If by chance they missed your house, you can drive down the road and find them at any abandoned house of your choosing.They clutter the roads for weeks, where no one has picked them up, and the wind and the rain have scattered or deteriorated them.It seems a little ridiculous to me. They scream Cut down on Waste.Recycle.Keep the roadside clean.Be Frugal.Who the heck is managing the production and distribution of the phone books? Isn't there anyone in that organization or any other organization that can better coordinate the printing and distribution of the phone book.There has got to be a better way. Are the printing companies so desperate for work,they need to print thousands of copies of the same book for every Tom,Dick,and Harry company down the road. Why don't they make a company just for printing the phone books, and let folks that want them, just order ONE. Surely they would rather pay for one,then have so much waste and clutter up and down the roads, not to mention paying someone who is going to abuse the distribution of them just to get a paycheck.
I think I need to wind this post up. It is making my blood boil. That's why I don't get involved with politics.I can get fired up really quick when discussing certain things,and most any topic involving politics,will do it every time.


  1. Like I said on my blog -- no land line, no phone book. I've almost wanted to steal one from the phone booth in town.

  2. The phone books are good for paper piecing on making quilt blocks, or crazy quilts. will agree to many books.