Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom and Dad's Wedding Day

Due to being tired and my computer acting up late last night I was unable to post this picture in memory of my parent's anniversary.
They were married on January 27,1946.They met while Dad was in the Army,and corresponded for the remainder of his term of service. When he came out of the service, Mom said he returned home to Ky. to his parents home first, then went immediately to Louisiana to see if she still wanted to get married. They had spoke about doing so, in their letters, over the remainder of his four years in service.
They were married 54 years 8 months, and raised 9 children together, before Dad passed away from cancer on September 5,2001.They were married 3 days before Mom's 21st birthday. She will be 85 on January 30,2011.


  1. Its a lovely picture parents met when my dad was in the Navy...he came home for a weekend leave with my Uncle Howard(his Navy bud)my mama's brother...they met on Friday and married on Monday...that was 1948....62+ years later,they are more in love than ever.... :)
    Thanks for sharing the sweet picture and story...Congrats to your dear mom....blessings

  2. 4 years of letter writing, isnt that romantic, cant see this generation doing that! imagine the anticipation that built up, does your mother still have her letters? i wonder, just like a movie eh

  3. I just love seeing the old photos, so lovely.
    And what a pretty dress your mom is wearing.
    Dad looks like he's up to no good, just look at the expression on his face. The devil.

  4. Dave and I will be married 50 years next month. we have 4 children.
    Weddings in the past all sound romantic and the letter writing kept the post office in business with all the stamps that were bought. What a great picture of your mom and dad..they have brought you many happy memories.. Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa.

  5. Such a great pictue and what an enduring relationship.