Monday, January 3, 2011

Now That's My Kind of Gift!

Pop has a few of these cutters in his garage, but they are old and dilapidated, their not that clean, and some are not that sharp. He picks them up for a song,at the Flea Market, and maybe even the auction.Who knows,maybe even yard sales. He hates it when I stop at yard sales, but when he is out alone,he has been known to stop at a yard sale or two.Go figure.Nevertheless,we were at our local Do-It-Center, picking up a few last minute stocking stuffers for the guys,and they had this set on sale.A really nice set. New,clean,pretty,sharp,one left cut,one right cut,and one straight cut.Just perfect for a gift for Myself.So I bought it.I put them in a gift bag and under the tree with a pair of Winchester socks.I had bought a pack of three for stocking stuffers for the guys, and since there was an extra pair,and Pop only wears white socks,I put them in my bag.I was making bags for the rest of the family, so of course, I needed one,too.Christmas came and went, and there sat that gift bag,still under the tree. Pop asked,"Who forgot their gift?",and of course I replied,"No one,that was my gift to Myself!"No one knows better than you, what you really want and need at gift giving time.So get it yourself.That's one sure way of getting what you really want,and I do love my new set of tin snips.

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  1. Well good for you!
    I do that too buy myself the occasional gift that I really want.