Monday, January 10, 2011

Something's Missing!

I received my fourth book today, and as I was browsing through it, I noticed something was missing.One of the most fascinating things about blogging, is the friends that I am finding all across the world. Some of their names or screen names show up in my comments, but no one will ever know by that, that I am communicating with others around the world.That is one thing I would like my friends and family to know,when they read my book, in years to come.I have made friends around the world through my blogging.I'll never travel to see the far away places that I have only read about in books and on the computer, but I can learn bits and pieces of how folks live in other countries via my blogging.That is more than I would have ever dreamed of when I began this journey. I am learning how other folks live, whether it be different from my way of life, or very similar, as is the case in many of the stories we have been sharing. It is truly fascinating to me, to find that folks all over the world,are living,and doing, and thinking so much alike, no matter what their circumstances or situation may be.In some cases, our language and our dress may be different, but our desires for a better, more fulfilling, and satisfying life, remain the same.For many of us another common goal is the desire to live a simpler,less complicated lifestyle which does not destroy the earth we live on,and if possible,to leave it in a much better condition for our children and grandchildren.In some of my up coming posts, I hope to mention some of my new found friends and a hopefully their location, as close as I can without divulging too much information.I know that has always been a fear of mine.With the world becoming such a scary place,we all tend to live with a little bit of worry and fear of WHAT IF,so I will hopefully,be weaving a few screen names and countries into my upcoming posts in the next few weeks.


  1. I may have missed a post, Sue -- what are these books? Sounds interesting...

  2. I agree Sue, I do enjoy visiting with everyone. I truly consider all my blog buddies a friend, we don't always have to agree but we should at least listen!
    I haven't ordered a blog book yet but I probably should.

    I love your banner.
    Your friend-Terry

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    Nancy this is the address to learn more about the books. I post about 40 posts at a time, then have them published into a hardcover book. It is lots of fun.I hope to have them for years,to share with my family and friends.