Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Surprise for Me

I had big plans of getting on the computer this morning and putting up a new post, but all that changed very quickly.Pop's nephew was working in our area, doing some excavating for a neighbor,Connie's kin folks,so he stopped by here to see if we needed anything while he was working close by. We never miss a chance to use him,if we get one. He is in such demand. Nevertheless, he stopped by and did a small job for us, and I fixed a small supper for him and his helper, and another neighbor,and Pop.Pop and I like the Mushroom Cheddar Burgers with lots of smothered mushrooms and onions,so I fixed them each a huge sandwich,which is a meal in itself. We had Mock Italian Cream Cake,for dessert,which I had frozen,and our drinks. that was supper for us all.They had to come back early today, to finish up their job, so Pop informed me that they had talked it over while working on the original project, and while BJ was here, he would dig me a little pond that I had been wanting for years.That was my surprise. I really had a much bigger pond in mind, but I never let on. A small pond would do. I could hopefully use it for water for my Purple Martins and maybe get a couple of ducks,and some fish. I no longer have the goats.Things change and life goes on.It will be a small pond in the back yard. I was hoping we could have it dug in the front, so it could be seen from the road,but due to various circumstances,like the lateral lines, and then a huge sink hole,the back yard will have to do. I was taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth. And I do appreciate Pop thinking of me.
We don't cook big meals that often at our house, so hopefully,I had pretty much everything I needed in the pantry and the freezer to fix one today. BJ loves hitting in here for a meal, so I wanted to have everything nice.I worked for 3 or 4 hours getting it all together and cooked up to have lunch at high noon for the fellows. I chicken fried about a dozen small beef steaks,then made gravy for them. I peeled about 8 or 10 medium potatoes, and a big onion,and laid them on top of two quarts of home canned green beans, along with a big chunk of bacon rind. I put it all in my new 18 quart counter top roaster.Then I thawed and fixed 2 bags of last summer's cut off corn from the freezer.I whipped up a bowl of cole slaw. Baked a dozen biscuits.I made an apple crisp with the apples and topping mix I received from a neighbor for Christmas.I added a few fresh apples and a little more brown sugar and butter to be sure I had plenty for all.We topped it with vanilla ice cream.We had ice tea or colas for our drinks.
I was really pleased with myself over fixing such a nice meal without getting all bent out of shape. I love cooking if I have enough folks to eat it,without having so many left overs, and that was no problem today.I do love cooking for a bunch if I have the time, no interruptions, and everything I need to make the meal nice, without running to town for something.Everything fell into place today.
The pond is finished, and all filled up on the big meal, so it was a really good day.BJ left his equipment here for a few days, so Pop used the extra gravel that was left over from the projects to rework some of the driveway.
We'll be working more on the little pond as time goes by. We'll add more rocks around. There is no shortage of rock on our property.We'll probably put in a pump of some sort and later a few fish. We're new to this type of thing, so we'll need to learn as we go.We have a few friends who are giving us pointers, on the do's and don't's. Pop says if all goes well, we may have the Amish fellows to come one day and build me a gazebo near the pond.Hopefully,I'll have a little more to blog about this Spring.All in all,it's been a good day.Hope your day has been as nice.


  1. I'm like you, I love to cook a big meal as long as I can work in the kitchen with no interruptions. Unfortunately, with two kids in a constant commotion and a baby that seems to need me desperately right when things need to go in or come out of the oven, I don't get that chance much. We do a slow food meal prep that takes all day. I start things during the baby's morning nap, do some more during the afternoon nap and try to get things all ready so I can do them one handed, while holding the baby. It's a different kind of fun, I guess.

  2. I'm so happy for you Sue -- the pond sounds like it will be a nice area to sit and relax on warm summer evenings. You'll have to be sure to take plenty of photos during your adventure.

    Your cooking sounds so good. With my husband out of town for work the past few months, I rarely cook for myself and I miss it.

  3. I know what you mean,teekaroo. I can hardly cook a big meal when the 2 grandkids are here,although Leah is 10 now and helping more with the kitchen chores,but today was ideal.

    Thanks,Nancy. I vowed not to spend that much time with the yard and flowers from now on, but I may have to change my plan, for one more summer anyway.I MUST landscape my pond.

  4. that is an interesting looking appliance you have there! havent seen anything like that before.

  5. Do you have a crock pot? It's very similar to that only this is caller a roaster. It's great for cooking whole meals at a time.I cook a roast in the main pan in the bottom, and use the 3 small pans for heating other things while the roast is cooking,then you can serve right out of the roaster,if you wish.It's very handy. My oldest step daughter got it for me last Christmas,but I am sad to say, I only opened it this Thanksgiving,and I love it.

  6. Good luck with the pond. I would love to have one with ducks.

  7. You will enjoy your pond, In the summer months I like to set on the deck and listen to the water fall on my little pond, I had one fish let in it and a snake got in there and eat it, the fish was about 7 inches long, so I didn't like the ideal of the snake coming around and thought i would get rid of my pond but Mattie didn't want me to and she want to get some fish again this spring. As for as cooking ,I cook just about every day, start with sunday dinner and hope to have left over on Monday and cook the rest of the week. Who was my cousin that had work done ? Have a good week in, Connie

  8. Connie,Pop wants fish,and I will enjoy them,I'm sure, but I wanted ducks, and I don't think they will go good together.
    Sorry to hear you lost you last fish.

    Leah fretted over my selling the goats, but no more than they played with them, I figured I try the fish pond. They are fascinated with Howie's.

    I love to cook for a group,but just me and Pop here most days,we just munch. Jr. ,and some days Tim,have been eating with us once in a while at noon with Gil working,and Jr's really gaining the weight,but I hate to see him working with no lunch and he's like Pop. He's too tight to buy it at the restaurant.They will starve till supper first,and that's not good on anyone.

    Your kin folk I spoke of is Chris.Not sure what Billy Joe did for him,but I think they said he had a new house,so my guess is some kind of dirt work around that.

  9. How wonderful is that ~! A pond would be a wonderful thing here on my farm..
    Loved reading your blog this morning..
    Supper sounded good , I'll bet they appreciated that big burger...
    have a tiggeriffic day...ta ta for now from Iowa